What is a Podiatrist?

Podiatrists are health professionals who are responsible for the care of the lower limb and foot. Podiatrists are trained to diagnose, assess, treat and manage conditions affecting the lower limb and specialize areas, including musculoskeletal podiatry, the development of foot health in children, sports injuries of the lower limb, biomechanics and gait assessment, orthotics and nail surgery, as well as problems related to diabetes, rheumatism and vascular disease.

Podiatrists are primary care providers, which means they do not require a referral and are qualified to examine, assess, diagnose treat and refer on for further diagnostics and specialist attention.


What is a Pedorthist?

A Pedorthist is a footcare specialist trained to alleviate patients foot and lower limb pain and discomfort caused by disease, overuse, congenital condition, injury or pathology with the use of orthotics and orthopedic footwear. Pedorthists fit, fabricate, adjust and modify these devices based on their assessment and formulation of a treatment plan. Pedorthists work from a prescription from a physician or podiatrist.

Certified Pedorthists at Comfort Orthotics have earned their pedorthic credentials and are members of the Canadian Pedorthic Footcare Association (PFA Canada). Required training