In Stock Brands

For your convenience, footwear inventory is stocked right here at our clinic!

 Referrals/prescriptions and appointments are not required.



Shoes / Boots / Slippers / Sandals / Athletic Shoes / Diabetic

  • 20+ Brands & 160+ Styles in Stock Ladies Sizes 4.5 – 13 Widths AA – 4E
  • Mens Sizes 6.5 – 16 Widths B – 6E

Lesson on footwear

  • The arch area of the shoe should be strong and supportive – it should not bend or twist.
  • The heel counter (back of the shoe) of the shoe should be strong and supportive and you should be unable to compress or push the heel counter into the shoe.
  • Wear footwear appropriate for the activity. On occasions where dress shoes must be worn, limit excessive walking.
  • Lace-up shoes offer more support than slip on shoes.
  • Make sure the widest part of your foot fits comfortably into the widest part of the shoe. You should be able to wiggle your toes in the shoes.
  • If you have one foot larger than the other buy shoes to fit the larger foot.
  • Replace footwear as required, factors such as activity level, walking surfaces, weight, etc. will affect the life of footwear.
  • Select shoes that match the shape of your feet, the footbed should be as wide as your feet and 3/8 inch longer than your feet in the unweighted position.
  • Shoes with removable insoles allow for full-length orthotics, providing you with extra support and comfort.

Footwear in stock for people requiring both fashionable and orthopedic footwear to accommodate/treat a wide variety of foot shapes and conditions. Including- foot deformities, edema, diabetes, tendon disorders, etc.

Orthotics can be built to fit in any shoe. However, proper fit and function of the footwear will impact the effectiveness of the orthotics.