Shin Splint

What is it?

Shin splint is a term used to describe any condition that causes pain in the shin. Shin splints are a common lower extremity complaint and can present themselves in the front or back of the leg (anterior or posterior), especially among runners and other athletes. The pain can become more intense if not addressed, and shin splints should not be left untreated because of an increased risk of developing stress fractures.


  • your shoes are worn down and have lost their cushioning and support
  • pronation
  • you have weakness in the muscles that attach onto the bone.
  • over exertion of the muscles
    • you rapidly increase your training levels (eg. running distance, speed or number of times you run in a week).
    • running or jumping on a hard surface (such as dancing or aerobics).


How can we help?

  • Educate patients regarding footwear fit, function and support
  • Modify footwear as required
  • Fabricate custom made orthotics to provide shock absorption and support.
  •  Provide treatment options help reduce swelling and bruising and how to keep recovery time at a minimal, once assessed by our podiatrist