Athletes Foot / Fungal Foot Infections

What is it?
This is a common contagious fungal infection of the foot.

High perspiration or time spent in damp conditions can provide a moist environment for the fungus to grow. This fungus often starts between the fourth and fifth toe or around the entire base of the foot. Often small breaks in the skin allow the fungus to penetrate and take hold in the skin more easily.

How can we help?
It is necessary to change how you look after your feet during your daily activities: we are able to provide you with the correct information to reduce the chances of reoccurrence. Breathable footwear, good foot hygiene and moisture management can help prevent reoccurrence of the fungus: but often anti-fungal products are required to destroy the fungus that is infecting you. Anti-fungal products can be recommended in-store to help fight the fungal activity within your skin.